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csi-at-sbc/images/43-44-bill.jpg  Bill's comment

Quite obviously the authors of this 2017 document, thought they would get away with their pseudo sciency report, but you be the judge. When this report was released I was given these scanned pages during the time when the Police Historical Unit/ Museum had been given a copy, and I think they became utterly confused with so much conflicting information. It was also the time they were going to up grade the 2005 Stringy Bark Creek signage as quite clearly the Ian Jones site did no longer have acceptance as exactly where the police had camped on that  25 Oct 1878.

Back in early 2003 I communicated with Ian Jones via letter as he did not do email. In one such letter he told me how he came to decide on his East bank site. He referred to local farmer Jack Healy who in 1960, had shown him exactly where the shoot out had occurred, but Ian dismissed what he had been shown 30 years earlier. Ian concurred with me the site was just north of the first Red Hill. (explanation) From the picnic ground looking up SBC road to south, first there is a white hill as seen on road, then after a long dip the road rises up to the red hill. ( which is rich red volcanic)

Now I want you to read this Woman's Day writeup interview with Jack Healy  four years after showing Jones.
Jack Healy together with other locals of the early 1900s knew exactly where things had happened but no one bothered to permanently mark the site. However, I don't think we need to argue any more.


In the mean time please take a close look at the contents of the CSI at SBC pages, and I invite feedback from you all.

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