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Eleven Mile Creek is where the Kelly homestead stood near Greta West.
Sharon Hollingsworth and Brian Stevenson present news, views, nuggets and musings, some serious, some lighthearted but all to do with all things associated with Ned Kelly and the gang.

Stringy-Bark Creek Forum-  The identity of the forum creator is not revealed ?
He wrote; "
So much controversy surrounds the true site, where an epic battle unfolded between the Kelly gang and the police. Kelly scholars for decades have debated and painstakingly researched all known material relating to that fatal day, 26 Oct 1878. and exactly where the true site is located ". With many views expressed over the years, one would think the reading of historical primary sources and a scientific approach would settle the matter, but old long held beliefs together with dogged stubborn-ess by the not so scientific debaters clouds any  proper consensus considering several historical facts, a steep slope as in a 1878 photo of the place where the police were killed by the Kelly gang, and fireplaces of two old huts near where they camped when shot. This forum site was to be the savior for Kelly forums but has gone the same way as others preceding. Until people grow up and accept the truth instead of just their beliefs, there is no hope for any proper forum debate. Bill Denheld had to just give up.


Ned Kelly Adventure Tours, Matt Shore's enthusiasm for the Kelly story has led him to share his knowledge of all Kelly haunts. Matt curated three major exhibitions on the life and times of 'Ned:The Exhibition' at South Bank and the Old Melbourne Gaol. Ned Kelly Adventure Tours offer you unprecedented access to the Ned Kelly story with their fully escorted exclusive experiences.

Glenrowan Gazette i
s the online community news for the district.
Activity groups and local businesses make good use for public announcements and news letters.

The Ned Kelly Trail  Take a tour through Victoria's Kelly country and visit the towns where one of Australia's most famous bushrangers spent his short life.
We start the Ned Kelly Trail by driving north from Melbourne to Beveridge, Avenal, Kyneton, Euroa, Mansfield, Stringybark Ck, Benalla, Glenrowan, Beechworth, Greta, Powers Lookout, and Jerilderie in NSW.

Here are two Ned Kelly touring information sites aimed to lead you through Kelly Country. While the upper Ned Kelly Trail site offers the basic story line and on the ground maps, the N.K.Touring Route site serves more as a Tourist Information brochure that can also be picked up at the various destinations in Kelly country. However, study these websites before you leave, not when you return.

The Ned Kelly Touring Route Is a joint initiative between the municipalities of the Rural City of Wangaratta, Benalla, Mansfield, Strathbogie, Indigo and Jerilderie (NSW) Shire Councils, formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding.  The Old Melbourne Gaol is also a strategic partner in the project which is also strongly supported by Tourism Victoria.  


Miscellaneous sites;

Kelly Art - Mick Guthrie born in County Galway, Ireland and Nicole Kennedy, born in Australia, formed Druid Design. Their products consists of hand painted ceramic wares.  Mick and Nicole are currently experimenting with carved clay pieces and hand formed clay sculpture. The Ned Kelly range of clay art introduced recently has been very well received. Other designs and products consists of ceramic wares and a hand printed table and bed linen range, all with Celtic designs. Their wares are on sale at the Rocks and Paddington Markets.

Australian History

Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria. Victoria's largest Antique Arms collecting organisation dedicated to preservation, research and interpretation of antique and historically significant arms, accoutrements and ephemera. Find out how the current amnesty effects you, and what the Guild is doing to ensure fairness for Victorian collectors, press releases and published articles.

Australian History Promotions
Brian McDonald has taken on a new role of publishing. It began with the Ned Kelly bibliography 'What they said about Ned ! - highlighting every publication ever produced numbering close to 800. Brian has moved into reproducing rare and hard to find books and publications on various aspects of Australian History ...

Mansfield Historical Society. The present Mansfield Historical Society was established in 1983. In 1992  was established into the old library building in Ailsa Street. The society now occupies the old Railway Station and has an active following and rich history. In the centre of town is the monument to the three police that were killed by the Kelly gang 1878.  A prosperous country town at the cross roads to the snow fields and north to Kelly country of NE. Victoria Australia.

                                 See replica model of
Ned Kelly's iron helmet for sale

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