A recent photo reported to be the members of the 'Kelly gang' was put up for auction.
My first reaction was to the photo's authenticity with faces so poorly detailed, they could
be almost any group of young men ? But added the fact the names penned in at the
bottom overlapped the picture mounts. Together with the mismatched ovals proves was
a copy of a copy. This would undoubtedly reduce the value of such an offering. However, given the original does not seem to have survived, identification of the faces remains
difficult to prove, but could they be Dan Kelly and Ned Kelly and Steve Hart as marked?
The photo is attributed to photographer Burrows in Launceston Tasmania.


Computer enhancement helps reveal
missing information. Could this be Ned Kelly?

The Ned Kelly prison photo was superim-
posed over the faded central figure. (left)
Retired Sea Capt Jack Hoyle went to the
trouble to create a fad in fad out 'gif file and seeing this fading image, one is led to
believe the faces maybe the same.
Well done Capt'n, I am convinced its Ned.



 On the photo is scripted -  Dan K , Ned K, S Hart, but Capt Jack reckons Hart is ' Isaiah (Wild) Wright', but you be the judge?

The group image (above) was first
computer enhanced and an image of Wild Wright was compared and overlaid. Not Steve but 'Wright' seemed to be a fairly
good match. Up to 20 fading images were inter spliced that allow a transition from
one image to another over some seconds of time- with startling result.

I am pretty well convinced the figure is
Isaiah (Wild) Wright and not at all Steve Hart. We do not have a suitable photo
of Dan Kelly to make comparison, but
by all accounts its Dan OK. It was first thought the central figure was Joe Byrne, but police descriptions at the time of the Jerilderie bank robbery said, "Ned had a
two and half inch beard. Dan had a..
" sallow complexion, black hair and a fine pair of dark eyes and a pleasing look when smiling".

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All Copyright: Capt'n Jack Hoyle (retired), and Bill Denheld (reclining) 12 July 2016