Investigation into Stringybark Creek Police camp site

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Panorama image taken 20 June 09 by Bill Denheld. The rising ground to south west was considered to be the rising ground in the Burman photo but found not to be high enough. We then turned around to face the creek east where on the other side of the creek a slope has to fit the slope as in the Burman photo below? But this location does not exhibit even the slightest possibility to match the scene and is proven negative.  In this trial set up, the creek is to the East and the police tent would be pitched on what is now the road. Notice some red flags and posts, they represent the logs in the Burman Photo. The only problem with this site is the Eastern slope is too far away ( 120 Metres) where as the slope we are looking for is calculated to be only 40 metres away from the photographers tripod camera position if this site was the Burman photo site.

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The linked image looking north clearly shows the unlikely hood of the photo having been taken here                                                                                     .


 The Burman Photo of the Police camp 1878 where the troopers were shot by the Kellys
Image courtesy book by Keith McMenomy Ned Kelly- an Illustrated history.
Image Citation PROV  Burman photo -0030-010-001- VPRS 4966 
Consignment P0 Unit 2 Item 30 Record 1 Document: Photo of Wombat Ranges where troopers were shot.