The Ned Kelly Seminar Papers 1993

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This page was first uploaded to Ironicon 14 April 2017
The above title page is a photocopy of the original print 1993.
The contents were formatted to PFD 2003 by Bill Denheld and offered to readers of the Two Huts at StringyBark creek WebPages.
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About this copy

Following the finding of two old fireplaces of huts at StringyBark Ck in 2002, I shared this information with Kelly researcher Marian Matta. She informed me she had transcribed the ‘Ned Kelly Seminar Papers 1993’ from audio tape Compact Cassettes onto her computer. Marian said one talk given by Ian Jones’s spoke in some detail of him and his son Darren, plus a surveyor attempting to locate a hut site on the western bank of the creek as recorded on a 1884 parish map of the area.  Ian spoke, if this hut were ever to be found, it would pinpoint the site where the police party had camped in Oct 1878.                          

I believe Marian’s transcript of the ‘Ned Kelly Seminar Papers’ was issued to ‘The Council of Adult Education’ (CAE) and was printed for attended audience members only. In 2003, on enquiring for a copy, the CAE said they had no knowledge of this publication. Marian then gave me a photo copy and all old floppy discs on which her texts were recorded. At the time I still had a functional floppy disc drive and was able to re format the content to PDF, and paragraph the entire document.

As it was not my document to distribute freely  and make the Papers freely available I thought it best to only make this PDF version available on request from my Two Huts at SBC webpages.

As  fourteen years have passed since it was created its best to make it available to anyone interested for free download.

Bill Denheld